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Countach, the ultimate supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Aug 21, 2007.

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    At 2:22 there is a Countach in 1976 Earl Court motor show.
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  3. It appears to be metallic paint.
  4. Sadly no price.
  5. 1120228.
    I was invited on the stand and sat in the Silhouette and Urraco, but not the Countach as it had already been sold.
    The Countach had been driven back from the factory with the Silhouette and another Urraco( not the car on the show stand) and featured in Car magazine convoy.
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  6. So this was before the accident on the North Circular Rd?
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  8. The London Motor Show at Earls Court was held in October and the crash took place some time later.
    If I recall correctly journalist Mel Nichols reported in Car & Driver August 1977 that he saw the crash high up on the M40 motorway, if this is to be believed.
    The crashed car was I believe taken back to the UK importers before before a return to the factory.
    never seen any pictures of the crashed car but had heard it to be extensively damaged so guessing a new chassis and reuse of some components in the reincarnated S model .
  9. Pretty sure the images of this car are the ones in quite a few books that report it as the crash test car e.g. pg15 of the supercars Lamborghini Countach book by Brian Laban.
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  11. Just sold HLA.12027 for the second time... Original delivery in Belgium, for sale by my client VanDerVecken back in 2012 with 12.592 km... and now sold from my Swiss client with 16.000 km, it will remain in Switzerland... Happy Collector !

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  12. just to explain/illustrate the story of your picture :

    That woman is no else than Francine Ciclet.

    Edmond Ciclet"s wife, she ran Edmond's administration, but was also a pure Lambo enthusiast and an Artist.

    Edmond was Mr Lamborghini in France since 1964... head of workshop at VPM, then Thepenier and self entrepreneur from 1974 until he retired in 2019.

    Francine passed away few years ago, the picture comes from "Option Auto french magazine" and was shoot by Dingo photographer
  13. Great pic of my car so thanks for posting. There really are no bad angles of the LP400 .
  14. LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH 50 ANNI !!! A moment to celebrate! I saw my first Countach on September 16, 1981. It was a German LP400 S1 parked at a Hotel in my hometown in the Netherlands. I was already a fan, taking pictures of special cars, and I bought all the magazines if there was a single picture of a Countach in it. I built 1/24 models and could stare at them for hours...In 1984 I went to the Monaco F1 G.P., not only for the race, but more in the hope to see a Countach! And we did see many of them! More events and dealer visits in Europe followed, and I have seen and pictured many many Countachs! Then in the 1990's, I started to collect chassis numbers and history, and since then all the Dutch Lamborghini's can be found on my website , where I also have all the 350 GT, 400 GT 2+2, Islero and Silhouette worldwide registered. But the Countach was and always will be my greatest love, so last year I decided to create the I try to register all 2000 Countachs built, sorted by model, with each car having a page with pictures and information. A huge task, but it's being done with true love, enthusiasm, and with help from many fellow Countach lovers and owners, grazie mille! For me, the Countach will always be my dreamcar, and I will do my best to track them all down for the history of the marque Lamborghini, so this important information will not be lost, but can be enjoyed by future generations as well..FORZA COUNTACH!!! Ciao! Marcel
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  17. Bravo Marcel, also from my side! I remember the white blue S3 is the first Countach you ever sat in? What was the VIN? The purple SE30 in the background, any idea for the VIN of this car?

    All the best,
  18. Hi Leo, The LP400 S3 was #1121368, here some pics from the Countach Register. The purple SE30 was on plates OB- 221 from Oberhausen, Germany (VIN unknown). Purple SE30 OF-RH 1 (RLA12104) was also there that day in 1996.
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  19. It's great that you noted VINs early because I recall in the 1980s almost nobody did this!
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