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Countach QV FI Thread

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by johnhoughtaling, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. I bought mine probably 20 years ago. It's a pushbutton version, came over on the very first shipment from Detomaso assigned to a Ford exec. I got it out of Westley Ca from a vintage car racer. I coulda bought his GTE250 Ferrari for about the same money back then! Whoops!

    The Pantera is a good stablemate for a Countach. Def different, but in ways similar, and yes easy to maintain. Congratulations.
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  3. I think that Alpine is too late for a Countach Nils. As far as I know, none of them had an Alpine that had a removal front plate.
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  4. Did not see that, but yes. You are probably right. It will remain in the Pantera. Thanks
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  5. What model number?
  6. will check next time i see the car. thanks
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  8. it always amazes me how many of the Italian car manufacturers of the day utilized some of the same interior controls. For example, the climate control unit in your Pantera is identical to the unit used in the 1985 Maserati Biturbo. Maserati added a little sticker to theirs……..

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  9. De Tomaso owned Maserati factory back then so is not a big surprise they shared some components ;)
  10. Doing a Gran turisimo run with a Huracan Performante Spyder in your neighborhood next week,Bologna Portofino Garda then Como. Exited
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  12. She's lovely!
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  13. Wow! Post up pic or two of that when you get the chance.
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  14. Villa Cora Florence. 2days here. Beautiful place. Blasted across mountain passes from Bologna. Unbelievable to be able to use this supercars as they where intended. Off to Portofino tomorrow. Splendido.
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  15. This is what it's all about.
  16. Portofino Splendido. Poss the prettiest Place in the world. We been beating on these cars for 3 days hammered back roads. F8 Ferrari s and Huracans. Just amazing. Huracan Performante is a monster. Dragster. F8 more comfy. Drove the Ferrari from the vinyard in Tuscany. Hammered on the back roads. Amazing car but Lambo more fun and quicker
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  17. Wow absolutely stunning. My dream is to one day ship my QV to my family’s home town of Boville Ernica in Frosinone Latzio. I just want to have that beast screaming through those small roads, surrounded by olive trees. Also the medieval towers and castles. Then park it on our dirt driveway beside the donkey and sheep lol.
  18. Last post from my Italy drive. Left Lake Garda in the morning,hit Lake Como by the afternoon. Epic ride across mountain passes and small villages. Banging the paddles. Hammering the pedal. This group drives as fast as you can imagine. Scary but incredibly fun. I learned a lot from this experience, most of these cars had between 20k to 110 k km on the odometer. Hard driving rentsls. Some private. My Huracan just tipped 60 K km. Never missed a beat. Abused most of its life. My fear of high milage Ferrari 488 and Hurracan is officially 100%gone. These are amazing reliable cars. Out of 24 cars there was absolutely Zero problems. Amazing. Will start hunting for a High milage 488 or Huracan.
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  19. Wow !!! Looks like a great trip
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  21. It’s a little bit of a pain in the ass but it’s not that hard. I had a harder time changing the starter solenoid on my qv that I did changing those big fuel hoses. Are you going to try it yourself? It’s not that hard if you have some good hands.
  22. Thanks Adamo, Did you use the Lambo hose or did you get the fuel hose from a parts vendor? If so, what size did you use ?
  23. I did not use the lambo hose. I just bought a hood quality reinforced rubber hose. Remember make sure it is fuel resistant. I bought it from a local hydraulic high pressure hose/fitting store . Can’t remember the size off hand. I have some extra hose somewhere in my garage. Not sure if it is enough to do another car. I am sure it probably isDon’t forget to check the ones by the fuel pumps. If you can’t find anything let me know. I can always send you my extra piece.
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  25. My apologies for late reply, still in Italy , Yes my hose is a high quality gasoline resistant hose . From our local supplier. Do not remember the size , but poss 1-1/4. Will check once beck in the US. I did it in combination with my rear end joint replacement , and the inner fiberglass covers removed. I think the clamps on the tank side might be behind those. Anyway no big deal.
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