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Countach QV FI Thread

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by johnhoughtaling, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Ok - I just didn't see them in Eurospares which made me wonder - learning new things every day!
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  3. I should have! All these subtle differences are good to see!
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  5. And here I was thinking yours was counterfeit!
  6. Yes - I did - as Joe posted above. My detailer took that pic at the Lamborghini America club event - was fantastic fun!
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  8. That was my next thought - I wonder if the parts bin became a bit of a special thing during this time!

    Indeed - that's my car (plate is hard to miss) and thank you Joe for arranging that deal. I'm very happy with that car, and it's lived up to every expectation! I love having a survivor in such great condition!
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  9. We messed up Dean.. we should have taken some proper pictures of our cars together.. with Leo also. It is still rare to have downdraft cars together. This is about the best I have:

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    That is such a great view
  11. I think there are some of us on the road together - me behind you at least but often while you swerved left I swerved right to be in the other side of the frame.
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  13. Here's another of your cars together by our roving Sam S, and yes a Downdraft gathering is very rare.

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  14. Carlos on the side of the road.. in his defense that car has the complete original ignition components, hence in the heat of traffic it occasionally would take a union break.
  15. The Pet Wolf licence plate car, what exhast is he running? Also does it sound good?
  16. Spoke to Tim at George Evans yesterday, (getting rear shock bushings for my car) they are really busy in mechanical Countach and Diablo big money jobs, owner’s are really spending it on their cars. The wolf of Wallstreet anniversary car getting a complete engine rebuild. Amongst others.
  17. Not sure.. but no, it didn’t sound how a Countach should sound. Simply LOUDER doesn’t mean better. Although many seem to think so. Important thing though is He likes it.
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  18. Ok i know your judgment, brutally honest , will leave the subject alone until I experience the wibe.
  19. I was told it was a Kreissieg, and it was very loud. I agree with Ken - I don't think it sounded the way a Countach should do. Sounded more like my Diablo, that has a LOC exhaust on it.
  20. Some tlc. New fuel pump /tank connector hose and 1-1/4 bottom connector hose between the left/right tank. At the same time , good opportunity to refurbish the inner front side rear wheel well fiberglass cover with rubber flaps and copper rivets. Fun stuff
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  21. For those of you still running the original transfer hose(2) connecting the fuel tanks together, this is what it looks like on the innside.
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  22. A fire waiting to happen. I changed mine about 12 years ago when I had motor out for clutch service. I just had to replace the hose again this past spring.
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  23. I will add i have replaced every hose on my car during my ownership , not because they blew up, but for age reasons. I will also admitt these 2 hoses might have been replaced in 09 when i had the clutch done, wich makes it even more important to have them replaced ,for those of you that have not done so.
  24. Did mine 12 yrs ago.. so they are due again. Thanks so much for the reminder!
  25. Replaced my rear suspension front/lower ball joints. (Pricey). Had a tiny slack wich i noticed tightening up my wheel nuts. One innside one outside. Decided to replace all 4. Anyway,my reason for posting is how amazingly nice and easy something this old ( 34 years) comes apart, and how clean and fresh some parts still looks.
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  26. Great job
    Wish I had that motivation to do work myself.
    I just don’t want to mess things up which I know I would do.
    I am so impressed with those that can.

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