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Countach parts

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by Spyder-Man, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. Noticed on the Bay of e, that user "olen_au" has a few Countach parts. Gear knobs a plenty.

    Worth a look if you are after something, no affiliation.

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  3. If you'd like a better price, you can get 4 without badges for $2,000.
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  4. Most old knobs can be recovered as the reality is the plastic at the top is generally ok, its the leather that seems to go, I think mine cost £40 to have re covered in skived leather as it needs to be very thin to conform to the shape of the substrate and for the stitching and seam to fold into the small groove.
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  6. Hey thanks for the heads up Do you know if there’s any distributor parts for sale anywhere for 1987 countach
  7. I don't, but others on may chime in.

    Have you tried some of the US shops ? Like George Evans?
  8. Emiliospareparts is a good source for these kind of things
  9. Thanks for all the info I sent out my distrubtor toget rebuilt, next will be to install and time
    I have a couple questions. Where are the timing marks and how to find them and how many degrees
    And the procedure. 87 countach fuel inj
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