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Countach parts, fog light, hazard switch, vents, motors + more

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    Lamborghini Countach parts for sale as follows.. all parts are used unless stated.
    More photos available, will ship worldwide. I have more parts available that would suit Countach replica, like internal door mechanisms and new door striker plates, switches (push button style), door opening levers, new round dash vents for the top of the dashboard.

    1. Headlamp motors £450 per pair or £225 each
    2. Rear Lid levers assembly £75 no key
    3. New dash end vents £95 each also have used £40 each QV models
    4. Small bulkhead vents £30 each
    5. Centre console vent £30
    6. Interior light £100
    7. Gas cap with key £75
    8. Fuse box complete £185
    9. New rear fog light in box £125 sold
    10. New hazard switch push button type £75 used in QV models
    11. Centre console switches, LP400, fan def, lights, hazard £30 each
    12. Switch bucket, LP400 £8
    13. Bonnet lever from under steering column £150
    14. Klippan Seat belt stalk, LP400 £75
    15. Seatbelt LP400 £100
    16. Seat belt stalk bolt with cap £15 each
    17. Dashboard dimmer switch £55
    18. Boot catch £30. I have many in good condition.
    19. Interior light on/off timer delay relay (also suits Diablo) £45

    Parts for Countach replica..
    1. Switches for QV models, hazard, fan, fog, demist, new and used.
    2. Top round dash vents, new, 3 for £90
    3. Used Internal door mechanisms and new door strike plate sets, (door closing mechs ) see photo.
    4. Cable sheaths for lid levers assembly

    Tracked shipping worldwide.
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