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Countach LP400 Vintage Photos

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by Lambocars666, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Please, please post more LP400 photos if you have them. I’m loving this thread!
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  3. interesting parking,thanks to very high side profile tires,try doing this in a new supercar with 20-30 % sideprofile aspect.
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  4. LP400 #1120146 "Giallo Fly - Testa di Moro" in the UK in 1975 or 1976... before flying to Japan.
    Note the smaller Vitaloni "Sebring Mach 1" mirror.
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  5. Technically this may not be the best of photos but oh, does it not stir the soul? Just a wonderful shot of a wonderful car that will talk to all petrolheads and we are very lucky we are thus attuned . Thanks for posting.
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  8. Here's another shot at the circuit, driver is wearing a helmet.
    Imported by Berlinetta Italia indeed. I'll ask Derek Hopkins if he remembers it...

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  11. Great article about LP400 #1120204 on Supercarnostalgia dot com:

    Chassis 1120204 was built in the most popular colour for an LP400 Countach: Giallo Fly with a Tabacco interior.

    Signed off by the factory on July 17th 1976 it was ordered through Maltin Car Concessionaires of Henley on Thames by billionaire Saudi industrialist, Adnan Khashoggi.

    Khashoggi was a well-connected intermediary for Western companies and the Saudi government. Most infrastructure and arms deals done with the Saudis went through Khashoggi who typically charged 5-15% commission. Between 1970 and 1975 Lockheed alone paid him $106m.

    The Countach was collected from the factory by Ken Wheeler who worked for Chris Maltin. Ken takes up the story:

    “I went to the Lamborghini factory twice for Maltin’s, once for the Khashoggi Countach and the other time to collect a silver three-litre Urraco to be on the stand at that year’s London Motor Show.

    I arrived at the factory and was walked through the tractor assembly plant into the area where the Countach were being built. I was taken out for a test drive with one of the mechanics who insisted that I was not to take the engine beyond 6000rpm. The car was handed over with the paperwork and off I went to Khashoggi’s office in Geneva. It was an absolute beast to drive; the stubby gearstick and a tight new gearbox were no joy at all and took a great deal of getting used to. Rear vision was extremely poor and driving in any built up area was a nightmare.

    The people I met in Geneva were astonished to see the car and said I couldn’t leave it in there. You can imagine my disappointment when they told me I’d have to take it onward to Khashoggi’s home in the south of France!

    It was after lunch and they booked me into a posh hotel on the bank of Lake Annecy. I hardly slept a wink, worrying about the car parked outside; it attracted great excitement wherever I went.

    From Annecy I drove down through the French Alps to the Med. I was a great rally fan in those days and decided to follow some of the Monte Carlo route through Gap. To say that driving this car on those roads was exhilarating is a huge understatement. In many respects I probably enjoyed driving those super cars more than their owners.

    When I arrived at Khashoggi’s villa in Cannes I was greeted by the two old retainers, husband and wife, who seemed bemused but not overly surprised at their employer’s latest purchase. I was directed to a huge garage where white sheets covered a dozen other prestigious cars, which the folk were delighted to show me. Nor were they at all coy about showing me round the house and the master bedroom where life size photos of Adnan and Soraya Khashoggi filled one wall, while another wall was floor to ceiling with Betamax film videos which were the state of the art in 1976!”

    1120204 was registered to Khashoggi’s company, Triad International, headquartered in Geneva. The Swiss authorities issued licence plate GE 614Z.

    Khashoggi retained the Countach for a little over three years during which time he became one of the richest men in the world. By the early 1980s his fortune was estimated at $4bn. However, the decade saw him get caught up in several slush fund scandals as well as the Iran-Contra affair.

    1120204 was sold via Rallye Auto Sport on William Street in Knightsbridge.

    It went through the hands of several UK owners before appearing at auction with Bonhams in 2007 showing 28,500km.

    The Countach has more recently been subject to an exhaustive restoration at Lamborghini Polo Storico.

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  12. Thank you Zdenek!

    Don't worry, I had to take a lil' break but now I'm back to business. :cool:

    Here's LP400 #1120052 "Rosso Speciale - Bianco" ordered by Saudi Prince Faisal Al Bandar in London.
    This Countach received a roll-bar in the cockpit as it was used for racing!
    Later in the 80s it was successfully exported to the USA.

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    Funny coincidence how its sister-Countach #1120120, also owned by a Saudi Prince in the UK, was decorated to "look like a race car" as well but failed its DOT-EPA test in California and had to fly back to the UK...
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  13. Now we know what the Saudi Director of the Organization & Administration Department of the Defense & Aviation Ministry was doing in his leisure time - racing a Countach!
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  14. Iranian museum displays cars owned by the royal family


    Zdenek ;)
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  15. Victor hope you are well, sent you a PM.
  16. This extraordinary Countach LP400 periscopa was ordered and supplied new in December 1976 as a birthday present for Princess Dalal Alsaud of Saudi Arabia from her then husband and to her favorite color scheme! This car was also shown at the Pebble Beach Concours in August 2021. This car is for sale by Great pictures & info, check it out. Car is also updated on the
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  18. #543 Marcello, Mar 2, 2022
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    Dear gents,

    Need some help to identity this one. These pictures were taken in 1979/1980 at a car show in Berlin, Germany at an Alpine stereo Hifi stand.
    A red/black LP400 with BBS wheels, D sticker from Deutschland on the rear, well used, sills under the doors red, so could be a repainted car.
    1120086 was claimed to have BBS rims in the early 1980's, but Victor & me are not sure that this car is really i1120086.
    That car was always in Canada, but could it have been in Europe as well in those days?
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  19. In the photo you have posted, it seems that countach 1120220 had a wing of some sorts. Do you know what that is about?
  20. That car is astonishing! Here is another period correct photo of 1120220 that I found
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