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Countach Downdraft

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Correct, the perforated diamond pattern on the seat insert strips are a signature appointment for Bruno Paratelli's Countach interiors upholstered by him at the Sant Agata Lamborghini factory, if I had my wish my preferred interior would be a Paratelli interior with contrasting seam piping as seen here in Vic's car, compare this with the interior in post number 15668.

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  3. Yes my car have this interior , and i love it. It adds tons of character.
  4. Your interior is likely the same as FLA12808's below and I agree with your comment about character, I would call it charisma.

    Unfortunately, these days when Countachs are restored the leather used is almost always too thick and with a flat or matte finish, and features different stitching and padding that is not as full as was the case originally, not to mention some detail differences, all of which are quite different to how they were originally upholstered.

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  5. Your wheel rims look nice & sooty.
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  11. Stunning. Congrats, Leo and best of luck, John. There's no doubt you'll find this amazing car a worthy new home (if you haven't already).
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  12. Sent you a PM
  13. MOT test for madam today. Met up with a chap and his lovely 458. Two hot Italians on an autumnal day.

    Oh, she passed. Good for another year’s use :D

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  15. It's not autumn, it's spring, ya mad Pom!
  16. Struth! ya flaming galah ! You're right! I'll best ship the car over and live down under for a few months :p

  17. Old post with excellent information.
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  18. Remember I took part in a studio shoot for an Italian designer shoe company? Well, looks like they starting to push the campaign. Just spotted on Instagram. . . .

    A very taxing day for me :D

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  19. Very nice. Glad it all worked out. Great exposure for downdraft too.
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  20. Wonder what market this car was for. I thought climate control did not begin until 88.5
  21. The cars we refer to as '88.5' began production in the fall of 1987.
  22. They must have overlapped,wich i am sure was no issue in the type production set up at the time. My car is 10/87. Unskirted and no electronic AC control
  23. Mine is a June 87. No electronic climate control, but it has side skirts. It is a fuel injection model if that makes a difference.

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