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Countach Downdraft

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Beautiful stunning,But they never looked like this when new, regardless, Why not? Its beeing redone.
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  3. You make a good point that's an important one Nils.

    When we restored GLA12997 I insisted it was done sympathetically leaving as much as the factory 'character' as possible using all it's original components. Yet still it was a little over-restored, but I made the finish mellow by driving the car often over the next 4 years post-restoration.

    I learned a lot from that experience and if I do another restoration it will be absolutely authentic to period finish, if you have the right reference points, authentic finishes, like the Campagnolo Bravo wheels Emilio posted in the other thread, can be done.

    Unfortunately, many of today's restorers have been influenced by many owner's desire to make the car and it's components look like jewelry, for the purpose of show and not go. This has resulted in prolific over-restoration that produces paintwork that is far too bright & glossy, cad-plating that is much more gold in hue than it ever was, and a plethora of swapped-out replacement parts, all in the pursuit for perfection - which the cars never came with. To my mind that's not an authentic restoration, but the saddest part is most of those cars this restored will never be driven or put through their paces and properly enjoyed as Ferruccio intended.

    The good news is, any car can be fully restored and yet remain authentic to period, there are some good books on this topic.
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  4. Apart from the wheels, I really like that colour !
  5. It looks a lot better now than in some earlier pictures from years ago - there was no rear wing, the mirrors were black and the Workmeister wheels were completely blue. I have no idea if the baby blue colour is factory or not, which makes it difficult to track down its chassis number...
  6. The car was for sure bianco/bianco originally.
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  8. What books would you recommend with regards to the Countach?
  9. The ones by Jean-Marc Borel, Stefano Pasini, Marchet & Coltrin, Jeremy Coulter, Peter Dron, Paul Clark, Chris Bennett, etc, essentially anything produced in production period with good images.

    Period magazine articles with new car tests are great, I have a collection of almost everything polished in the Countach from 1974 to 1990.
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  10. So Joe, this may have been addressed elsewhere but it has been a while since I have seen any talk of you doing a Countach book. After your Miura and 288 books, I had always assumed that a Sackey Countach book would roll up. Is this likely to ever happen?
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    That would be awesome
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  13. It's possible if I can make the time!
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  14. found replacement keyblanks for the QV
    in Italy is still possible

    i know some has issues finding them so if anyone needs help PM me

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  15. Nice work.
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  16. I don’t know if you guys get happy about things like this but I do. Someone found me an original washer bottle cap. Mine is missing, and it drove me nuts. I know I could have used any generic cap but that would not suffice lol.
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  19. Underscoring the values of nice Downdrafts as I have been commenting, this variant has risen to the top of the value order, meanwhile GLA12950 has always been in my book one of the best-reserved low mileage Downdrafts.

    I think he means he has only used it in fair weather and hand-wiped it down as opposed to power-spraying it.
  20. If you want to see a beautifully restored Downdraft in many people's favorite color, head over to Quail Lodge next week to check out HLA12094.

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  21. Inflation has destroyed(distorted) what value of about anything I see. IMO regardless of whatever a dollar is worth, this is something super cool to have.
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  23. WOW!
    one of the best original QVs in the globe


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