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Countach Downdraft

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. How lucky you are to have an image of your car at the factory with both Prova plate being attached by Valentino himeslf pre-test run.

    Brilliant find, glad you did, he sent them to me immediately thereafter and I thought they belonged here, credit to you and whomever took them originally.

    Lamborghini haven't serviced Countachs at the Sant Agata factory in many years, I can check my records but offhand I think your car was actually serviced in 2017 at Giancarlo Breveglieri's authorized Lamborghini shop in Crevalcore (BO) who do work on their behalf.
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  4. to be totally correct this car was sent to Lamborghini factory (Polo Storico) for a complete service
    and factory used Giancarlo's authorized shop (Lamborghini Service Crevalcore) to perform the works
    then the car was collected at Lambo factory in Sant Agata

    on a side note, i am sure Giancarlo knows any countach variants better than any mechanic at factory did in 2017, so it was a good thing
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    Thank you, Emilio. You learn something new all the time. Interestingly, all the service invoices and paperwork have the Lamborghini logo and the factory address on it, in addition to the Polo Storico summary of services that was provided. Payment receipts were also made to Lamborghini. There is no mention of any third party, though it’s interesting to learn that they do farm out their work now. It’s always nice to learn more details about my car. I have heard that Polo Storico restoration work is done by outside shops, though I can’t be certain. Glad for the new knowledge.
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  6. Congratulations on the beautiful car.
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  8. Correct, but to be clear for the uninitiated (of which there are many) the work is not done "at the factory", but rather, on their behalf by a sublet elsewhere.

    Yes of course GB is renowned as a valuable resource for Countachs as he's done work for the factory since 2005 (according to him), meanwhile, the people at the factory know little about Countachs as some weren't even born when the cars were being produced!
  9. Yeah we've posted on him and his shop here several times, and I believe both Emilio and Alex (among others including several clients of mine) service their cars there, here's the article where he states that Enzo Moruzzi helped him get signed up as the official sublet for Audi's Lamborghini SpA in 2005

    One reason why Lamborghini have little incentive to do work in-house for the classic cars (like Porsche Ag or Ferrari) is the fact that they have a number of sublet resources and the experience required to work on old Lamborghinis is not easy to impart upon youngsters.
  10. Good video. So like a lot of people, had preconception about the car and of course, he's now a convert to the Countach cause. People just really don't know how good these cars are to to drive and the emotive feelings that go with it.
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  12. Exactly.

    Another more direct way to put it is, don't believe the BS many people espouse to support one agenda or another, as with anything, have an open mind, experience it for yourself, then draw your own unbiased conclusion.

    These are great cars.
  13. Off Countach topic but still support your post, beeing from Norway, lots of my buddys drive Porsche Taycans, for tax reasons to some extent, mostly bragging how amazing this car is. I wanted to find out, drove to the local Porsche place in my town in Florida, drove one, did absolutely nothing for me, quick, yes, but 100% soul less and no personality. Just another dead brick. Will never buy one, The Panamera Yes, but no Taycan. Perhaps i am missing something, but it is my unbiased opinion.
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  14. electric cars are not for car guys
    they may be fast, they may look great but they will always lack the soul

    add to this the real reasons our goverments (EU) are pressing hard for these is far to be a green choice...i will keep driving petrol until i can
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  15. And hopefully you can as synthetic fuel seems to be a viable future option!
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  17. Electric cars have their place as utility vehicles for everyday running around, and their advent will only make petrol cars even more collectible and cost-effective to use.

    I like it a lot.
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  18. I recently had a work dinner in The Netherlands and my guest was almost one hour late because his Tesla ran out of juice and had to recharge.
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  19. yes, i agree
    perfect for city commuter and short distance

    for fun cars...not for me
  20. Please come back to the Topic

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  21. did you get an other qv?
  22. With pleasure.

    That's GLA12997 from years ago.

    Back on topic here's 3 Downdrafts at Top Motors in the company of 6 Miuras.

    Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  23. ah i see now
    looked black from the pic
  24. Does anyone know the chassis number of this QV in Japan?
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
    (I would credit the photographer, but I do not know who took the picture)
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  25. They say Countachs are like Pelicans, they come with big bills, meanwhile the gearbox repair is becoming a restoration.

    I love Harry's quip "It seemed to run well......." (how often have we heard that before?) and Iain's priceless question: "Having you been driving your Countach too gently?"


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  26. Underside of a restored Downdraft we've inspected which as can be seen is regularly used for the purpose for which it was intended.

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