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Countach Downdraft

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. CTEK make good conditioners/chargers
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  3. C-tek are the best imo
    i use on all my cars
  4. 3rd vote for CTEK :D
  5. CTEK is good, even better is starting the car up and driving it every week!
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  6. Thank you all for your feedback on battery tenders.
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  8. I’m sure you have seen it’s for sale
  9. As I posted in the 25th thread, it's his Anniversario KLA12818 that's for sale.
  10. Hello,

    is it actually known where Gerhard Berger's QV is today ?

    Kind regards

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  12. Yes, it's in France, posted here in this thread in more recent times.
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  13. Living the Dream.

    E & L are two discreet people whom you might never encounter at a car event or anything like that, but the ex-Keke Rosberg Downdraft has surely fallen into great hands. From the point at which Valentino Balboni was reunited to test drive and inspect FLA12808 which he drove so often for Keke in the old days, they were on-board for what it takes to thoughtfully acquire and enhance a piece of Motorsport history.

    They chose to sympathetically restore the car keeping the paint & leather of this priceless Countach original, and focused instead on the mechanicals, engine, suspension, brakes etc, a great approach IMO.

    Just in time for July 4th weekend, these generous Californians have finally taken delivery of their dream car, it has been a pleasure working with them from start to finish, stories like this are what keep me involved with these cars.

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  14. Wonderful. Wish them both many happy years of ownership!
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  15. Congratulations, I'm following this car since decades, finally it has enthusiastic owners she deserves.
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    Thanks guys, getting the cars in the hands of enthusiasts is important for future values, you never say never but this Countach might never be available again in our lifetime.
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  18. The beautiful GLA12942 which was owned at new by my neighbor and which many years later we sold to the current owner, this film underscores the Countach's purpose as being revealed when it is being used with enthusiasm.
  19. Alex's GLA12988 in the glorious summer of 1986 with Maestro Valentino prepping the car for one of his famed test drives.

    The images are outside the Reparto Clienti Assistenza unit and the car already has Milano plates so this may be it's post-delivery 1st service which many people performed at the factory.

    How cool are these images? Priceless!

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  20. All the service of GLA12988 was performed at the factory, Valentino clearly remembers the car & VIP client well, as soon as he saw my car back in 1999 he immediately recognized it.
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  21. The Blu Acapulco with Panna leather is such a stunning combination. Absolutely in my top three.
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  22. Valentino likes it, too! ;)
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  23. Love these period images. I am also very proud that my car, FLA12820, was always serviced at the factory by its first and only previous owner. It was last at the factory for an engine refurbishment in 2017.
  24. Wonderful provenance.
  25. I found these photos today morning and sent it to @Downdraft1. :)
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  26. Thank you, Leo. They’re great. Hope you’re well.

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