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Countach Downdraft

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. lovely car, David
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  3. David, I meant to ask in my earlier post, where did you guys source the information posted in the program for Timmy's Downdraft that "only two cars in this series were factory-finished in Tahiti Blue" ?
  4. At least three QV and three 88.5...
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  5. Agreed, I have six (6) I am aware of, and perhaps there are a couple more.
  6. Speaking of colors, one of my favorites Blu Acapulco. Does anyone have downdraft photos of Blu Acapulco over black? I believe I’ve only seen it with Panna interior.
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  8. I'm not sure you'll find photos of a Blue Acapulco Downdraft with a Nero interior, they made them with Panna, Naturale, Senape, Champagne, Bianco etc.

    Also I've seen Blu Acapulco LP500S with a Bleu (dark blue) interior and a Tabacco interior, this latter car truly stunning.
  9. I love Blu Acapulco over Panna, but I’m guessing Blu Acapulco over Nero would also be stunning.
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  12. Of course, it has a blueprinted engine like many race drivers got.
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  13. They do not easily appear in the VdE photos but all the "black out" lines Mr. Sackey mentioned are indeed there. I believe they do not stand out if done properly. As far as one of two DD we are contacted many years ago by a Historian with Lamborghini for many years to alert us of the fact. I was personally told that he had access to the production records.
  14. How a Downdraft should be.

    David I think you misunderstand, were not talking about the black caulking lines on the bodywork, those are there of course, we're talking about the satin blackout along the side sill bottom seam, in the image I posted it's definitely not there, as can also be seen clearly in other photos taken at the event. Completing this missing item would make a beautiful restoration not only better but production-correct, again, it's a simple fix.

    As regards the number of QVs in Bleu Tahiti, there are at least 6 not just 2 as was erroneously stated in the Villa D'Este program, so the historian's information was incomplete, still it's a rare color.
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    Here's the image my friend sent me that best explains what's missing, the seam with rivets at the bottom of the sill should be satin black, this is true for all non-skirted Countachs, I'm sure if someone pointed this out to Timmy he'd want that correction on his car, I'm surprised Cremonini didn't catch this before the show but it's a very easy rectification process.

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  16. In fairness to HLA12094, a stunning return to original livery, overall Cremonini did an excellent job.

    By the way is there a sexier tire than the iconic Pirelli Cinturato P7?

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  17. GLA12981 - ordered via Rayton distribution SA Ginevra to Norway
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  18. According to Hans Sorenson the car has actually been owned all these years by Knut Aksel Ugland.

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  19. it is really a minor job

    must be said Cremonini did A LOT of miuras in last years as well as some LP400 cars but from S to anniversary really few cars

    only now the focus of big collectors is going on the "wide" countach cars (last prices on f.i. qv and anniversary surprised even me)
    for quite a long time these were not in the list of big collectors but things changed a lot since last year

    i think we will see many more coming in these shops (Cremonini, Bachelli, Sport car....)and they will get even these last small details right
  20. I do not question the ownership in Norway, nevertheless the factory info says:
    #894, 15 June 1986, Rayton distribution SA Ginevra for Eduard Meum,

    How this orderer person & company are/have been linked to Ugland I don't know.
  21. The car was imported by Rolf Meum (as far as I know) and the registered owner is Johan Bernhard Ugland, brother of Knut Axel.
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    Agreed, if the car was up on a lift, all you'd need is some tape & masking paper plus a can of satin black paint and you'd be done in a matter of minutes. Still you'd expect someone of Cremonini's stature to have noticed this very basic Countach coachwork detail.

    As regards the interest in the post-LP400 Countachs (especially Lowbodies & Downdrafts), I beg to disagree that the interest has changed since last year, according to our sales records there has been significant interest in these amongst typical Ferrari-type collectors eta for the last five (5) years.

    Yes that's clear.
  23. This is correct, my business partner for 30 years is a very close friend to the Ugland brothers. Unfortunately we lost Andreas recently. Super nice kind gentleman. Big car collector. But yes Meum imported the car. Something happened and Ugland bought it.
  24. 3 Countaches came to Norway that period. This blue car. Also a red black car with factory sport cams. My friend owned it for a short time mid late 90 s. Then sold and repainted black( unfortunately). Do not know its location today. Hopefully back in its original livery , the third car is black on tan. Full recent mechanical redo.
  25. I believe the red car painted black is still black.
  26. Any specific suggestions on the very best battery tender for our cars? Knowing little about battery tenders, I’m not sure if there are specific options that are better suited for a Quattrovalvole as opposed to a modern car, or if they’re all the same. Thanks for your thoughts.

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