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Countach Downdraft

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. The eagle-eyed amongst you may recall we posted this car very early in the thread, the rarely-seen Nero Tenebre/Bianco Provincia dell'Aquila registered Downdraft, just as it left Sant Agata except for the tires.

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  3. Mine has that gap.. for years I just thought someone was lazy
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  5. Thanks for sharing.

    An intentional functional feature.

    Yes drainage, I noted this factory-implemented detail with some illustrations of specific cars earlier in this thread, any original late 1986 - 1988 car which hasn't had the caulking redone should have it, you guys ought to go back and do a refresher course!
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  7. Downdrafts coming down the 'line, without wings of course.

    From what I see and am experiencing in my business, an ever-increasing amount of post-production winged cars are becoming un-winged in recent times, and for some reason overall sentiment in favor of this appears to be increasing.

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  9. Although I had several owners come talk to me on the rally saying that my car looked fantastic from the back while following me and wondered if it was the color or the wing - some are tempted to start searching for a wing. So it depends who you talk to.
  10. True, and the good news is there are wings available, but really I think the muscular bulge we refer to as the Power Dome is what had them entranced ;)
  11. The Countach is not a car with impeccable social manners, it sets off the alarms in underground car parks, annoying the owners of other cars and the parking attendant.

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  12. BTW did you recognize that the number is mirrored diagonally, depending on the font 2/5 look quite same upsidedown.
  13. Never noticed that.
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  15. Look at that !!!!!

    A gas station that has both fuel and no queue. Unlike here in the UK........

    Lovely DD’s :cool:
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  16. Was on its way to JZM to attend their cars and coffee…the guys there are good friends, and I couldn’t take it myself as I was at Classics at the Castle with my 356 and many others! So good to be at a genuine UK car gathering again.
  17. I remember reading this article in the day as a boy many many times. Thank you Joe for posting this and others.
  18. It always travels business class.

    My pleasure, I remember it vividly as I had just purchased my first Countach.
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