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Countach Downdraft

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Oct 25, 2015.

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  3. Wow you fulie guys are MIGHTY insecure! It’s absolutely laughable. You sure do know your way around a DD though. IDK but it may just be pretty easy to add an air pump if you want to or even a wing!! Maybe if you have the original parts handy?

    Real talk though, im not sure but was there a USA Fulie car at Pebble Beach? Hummmmmmm I don’t think they were represented, at an American show while every other variant was present.

    But what do I know? I’ve just owned this car for 25 years now.

    Go enjoy your cars boys.
  4. seems like everything high end is busy today,i am very happy for Dugan, although you deliver your car on your 50th birthday,then pick it up on your 54 th birthday,that is a long time to waith. then again ,amazing work.
  5. plenty of fuel injected QV cars at the rally, also every other engine variant, all getting along,no angry insecure men, some cars with a few problems,flooding,ign box, etc, no big deal, have not seen a single derogatory comment from any owner to another, all fun,enjoying their cars,i missed out, interesting now with all these cars beeing 35-50 years old and getting engine rebuilds, you never know whats lurking innside the car next to you, in terms of cams,pistons, over bore more stroke, exhaust,you name it.enjoy your car.
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  6. I do not think us spec Countach owners are insecure. I own one and I do not think I am insecure lol. I bought my 87 fuelie in 2002 from the original when I was 27. Everything that was removed I have in a box. Including the air/smog pump. I added down draft manifolds myself in my garage and whatever I could do. I just mentioned about that end cap because I love to work on all my cars. It is my hobby, and I have been looking at possibly making an end cap like that myself in my little workshop. Just the cleaner look would make me happy. If you were a car guy you would probably understand. I think now that I removed the air pump that bracket looks like ****. That’s is all. Also who gives a **** if the fuelie was not at the pebble beach.
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  8. Petersens Auto Museum in LA displayed Matts fuelie for 6or so months in their Supercar history display.
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    Great question!

    You'll have to confirm with the restorer Chris Dugan, he regularly assists Countah owners, there are actually a handful of Downdrafts with the blank-plate as the owner's don't want the redundant and ugly SMOG pump bracket, my son Vince has been carefully recording the car's restoration progress for a publication and a few others, and the blank-plate is in evidence.

    You are right, that's a long time for the owner to wait, frustrating for him, but I guess as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day.

    I agree with that, if you want that plate Dugan will make you one, ask him.
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  11. I’m guessing the answer to this is no.
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  13. Where can I contact Chris Dugan, is he on this forum?
  14. Here you go but I PM'd you his email as he is quite busy and that's probably the best way to contact him.
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  15. Thank you very much once again
  16. Pleasure.
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  17. And Rob A, someone tells me they spotted you in the Downdraft on the High Street in Chislehurst, Kent, can this be true?
  18. Bloody hell Joe, nothing escapes you Countach wise :D

    Yessir, on the way back from her MOT test on the Saturday. Thought I’d treat the local high street to the sight and sound of a Countach!!

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  19. I get text alerts ;)
  20. Ha ! I'm sure you do. Other than that, maybe you've employed a load of students to scan the net looking for treasure! :cool:
  21. LOL no, a Ferrari 288 GTO client of ours saw you, he couldn't miss you because your car is both red & very loud!
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  22. Sounds like he's local, maybe worth a meet up and a few pictures? If he'll be up for that ?

  23. Yes he's local, incredible Supercar collection on an equally amazing property, Margaret & I were there in your beautiful neck of the woods a couple years ago to visit him, he's super-private but I'll ask.
  24. Much obliged!
  25. Meanwhile if you see a GTO with EE.087.AK plates, that's him.
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