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Countach Downdraft

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Thank you, and they do go better when they are run regularly.
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  3. I read on IG from Lambos Downunder that the Fosters Blue Downdraft is going back to it's original unique color, that's awesome, an icon will be reborn.

    Love that little kid behind the 'wheel.

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  5. Do you drain all flammable fluids prior to loading the car on the plane? We shipped a car this way back 20 or so years ago, seem to remember the fluids where drained from the car.
  6. For a car, coach would be ocean transport.

    I believe you are correct, but we leave this to the professionals who handle our transportation
  7. Swiss delivered it seems.
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  9. Yes, correct.

    Many Swiss delivered cars are now in the USA.
  10. So how many DD are in the US? 30-35?
  11. That's about right.
  12. Not that many made it here compared to how many were produced. But more then 10 years ago where I believe around 15-20 were here.
  13. At this point we are responsible for brining in @ 12 cars.
  14. It’s been mentioned before that the downdraft had a change in its transmission during its production cycle. Can someone please give greater context around this, such as:

    - From what to what?
    - When did the change happen?
    - Was this all done in house, or was a supplier brought in?
    - Any other meaningful differences?
  15. It was a Lamborghini made box at first, then went to a ZF box later on. It happened relatively early in QV production. Mechanics I talk to who see these boxes say the ZF is much more robust and seems it was needed for the extra power. I haven’t seen two boxes together to make any personal judgements really on what’s different.
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  16. Got it. I’m guessing mine being an early QV from 85 likely has the Lamborghini box.
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    Correct, only the 1985 Downdrafts have the Lamborghini box, the ZF boxes are essentially from 1986 onwards. Having driven many cars with both the latter feels more precise and is quieter IMO, for example GLA12997’s box makes very little sound, whereas the earlier cars have a shrill whine at midrange cruising speeds.
  18. The ZF box is a very precise, direct and robust gearbox. A welcome upgrade from the Lamborghini box.
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  19. agreed, my box is very precise, around town, or highway, cold or hot, it has a very confident feeling.
  20. And Luxembourg...
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    Please god, someone buy this car and return it to its proper glory.
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  22. For the love of god . . But would not take a lot to revert to correct condition. Externally at least. For a 88½ car, the wing looks more 400s to me. :eek:

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