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Countach Downdraft

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. poss a standard on all qv s. there is a black fuelie on you tube,doing burnout/donuts,smoking both rear tires.
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  4. That cad-plating always looks supercool.

    When GLA12997 was restored, we elected to have the carburetor bodies restored to original finish.

    They carbs were dismantled, all bearings and throttle shafts removed, and units stripped to just the bare castings. The castings were sent out for vapor blasting to restore the original finish to as factory new when made in the Bologna Italy Weber factory. All metal parts were sent to the platers to duplicate the original gold cadmium finish. Basically the finish of the carburetor bodies should last 20 years or so.

    Unfortunately, once the car is fully assembled, the beautiful carbs are hidden from sight, so nobody will see this detail although we know it's there. However we took lots of images of them through the stages prior to final assembly.

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  8. Please include the listing link so we can go see it.
  9. Go to search Countach. . Its listed by Bentley Oslo . But if seriously interested, pm me.
  10. Looks lovely but missing the plastic trim ring around the Alpine radio :D

    Is the interior original, looks too clean to be.

    425K GBP
  11. "Go to search Countach" - I don't understand? Please send a link.
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  14. Nice car,100% verified history. The original owner, is the brother of one of my close friends.
    Car spent some time ,in it’s early life ,at the French Riviera,the remaining time in Norway. Current owner is a super nice guy with a good collection of vintage cars. I will double check, but think my old friend picked the car up at the factory when delivered New.
  15. Just spoke to Einar, my friend in Norway, Him and his brother flew down to the factory to take delivery. Ended up spending 2 days there, but car never got finished, His brother went back and picked the car up a few weeks later. Hi did describe Ubaldo Scarzi as an interesting character, Car was driven from the factory to the Riviera , for a vacation, then up to Munich, parked in the Munich Hilton parking garage, then picked up and driven home to Norway by my friend Einar. Hit 290 km/hr on the speedo.
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  16. I posted about this car in this thread @ a year ago for sale with 32,311 miles by Bentley Oslo asking $641,000 more recently

    I do believe that's an original interior that has been cleaned or re-dyed, looks good.
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  17. yes , you did post it, i do remember, I pitched it to 2 Us dealers a couple of months prior, but with Us $ declining at the time, the high bid was 475$ at 8,50-1 at 10-1 the deal would have been ok, all this beeing said, cool how we all stay on top of this .
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  18. We've been importing Countachs from Europe paid for with US $ throughout that period, I don't think the value of the dollar has been the issue, I think the real issue why this particular car has not sold for this period is simply that his price has been too high, all things including mileage considered. The age-old concept of sales is simple: if it's priced right, it sells, meanwhile seller flexibility is key.
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    You are right,the real issue was the strenghtning of the NO krone, spring early summer 2020 the rate was as high as 11-1 = Our US $ offer at 475,000 would have netted the seller 5,2 mil No krone, wich is more than his 5 mil or so asking.At that time ,i did not know the owner was thinking of selling,once the the car hit the market ,in late fall that same year,the rate was 8.5-1=4,03 mil No krone, wich is way below asking, my us dealer would have paid 475$ in early summer 20 as he would have in late fall 20, lost opportunity for seller and buyer, i am sure there is lots of storys out there ,similar to this ,reg all kinds of assets,boats for sure,we made good money in that field on exhange rates,same goes for real estate, all this beeing said,with your prediction of this variant of the Countach ,future value,the current owner will probably laugh all the way to the bank,some time down the road.
  20. Checking the period this one has been for sale, we have apparently sold 5 different Downdrafts in the $600ks, and 1 in the $700ks, so there is strong money for these depending on condition, provenance & mileage. On the other hand, I have seen multiple Downdrafts go in the $400ks, so the market for these is characterized by a significant range and you have to take them as with any variant of Countach, on a car-by-car basis.

    Exchange rates go up & down with all currencies and in my experience over the past 30 years is, they don't really deter selling & buying if the car is basically priced right for the timeframe, to underscore this, in the last few years we have imported a number of cars from different countries with different fluctuating currency exchange rates.

    Bear in mind that as with many Countachs on the market, I have been consulted on this car by 2 separate prospective private buyers (not dealers), and my overall view was the car exists in nice classic combination of Nero Tenebre & Champagne in original status. However it didn't seem like the seller was motivated or he would have accepted the $475k best offer from the dealer which you mention. FWIW the private buyers who consulted with me ended up buying other cars.

    As an aside (and this applies to the marketing of any make or model of Supercar), given the fact that the market is the market for any item, as a market consultant, I always advise that it's never a great idea to keep a car on the market for an extended period of time, it diminishes it's desirability, and raises questions, this is a basic phenomenon that is always an increasing factor the longer the car is on the market. If current market doesn't meet a seller's expectations, my advice is to remove said car and re-enter the market when the level is established to be suitable, as is the seller's prerogative. Yes, I do predict that Downdrafts will continue increase in value given the recent appreciation for what they compared to other variants and the Countach experience they offer, so you are correct, sometime down the road he'll be rewarded with a value that he'll be happy with if he wants to wait and sell at that point.
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  23. Joe, what tire inflator is that
    I need one and that one looks the business
  24. I've noticed from time to time people have mentioned using double-sided tape to affix their license plates to the rear plate panel, in order to avoid drilling holes. Two questions:

    1 - What brand do you use? It seems rather improbable that double sided tape could be strong enough to avoid the plate flying free while driving.

    2 - Any other creative, secure and safe solutions anyone employs to avoid drilling holes.
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  25. It's a Husky 120-Volt Inflator, an efficient & compact device my son turned me onto, you can get it here like I did a couple years ago:

    Perfect for accurate setting of tire pressures before you leave home which makes me happy.

    Gorilla double-sided mounting tape:

    Zero chance it will fly free when driving, but if 30 lbs isn't enough for you, try 60lbs, however, the latter might be difficult to remove one day, the plates are relatively lightweight and don't take much adhesion to stay bonded to the car if you prepare the adhesive surface properly. I've so far avoided drilling any holes, the EE plate affixed to the front bumper has rivets shaved flush on the backside of the plate, and the plate is mounted with just double-sided mounting tape. Ditto the rear plate.
  26. Thank you. You've had no damage to the rear license plate panel from the adhesive?
  27. I don't think so, on other cars I have found that if you remove double-sided tape carefully, all that remains are traces of the adhesive which can be made to disappear with some judicious application of paint thinner, that said, there needs to be a plate there at all times for the car to be used on the road without being pulled over, so it doesn't really matter.

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