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Countach Downdraft

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Rosso Speciale, AFAIK it is sold.

    I do this every time without exception, basic Countach ownership car care, it is also better for the paint on the engine components and the composite material engine cover:

    For me another reason is to dissipate heat from my garage.
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  3. 1988, taking delivery of a new Downdraft at Sant Agata, plastic still on the seats, Enzo Moruzzi (striped shirt) and I think Cesare Lodi and others are behind the car, new to Spinetti in Italy.

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  4. Love this
  5. Taking delivery with wing - for all those that said that the factory never delivered Countach cars with wings :)
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  6. Looks amazing with and without
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  8. #14656 joe sackey, May 6, 2021 at 3:55 PM
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    Nobody said exactly that.

    What we have said about the wing is this:

    The wing was never Homologated by Lamborghini SpA for application to the Countach model with the Transportation authorities in Italy, as such, by law, the wing could not be mounted inside the factory during the manufacture of the car.

    As a result the wings were mounted variously by a couple of sublet shops that completed this application when the car was road-tested and ready for delivery, you'll note that the Countach being delivered has already been test-driven, is outside the factory and is in fact already road-registered to Livorno, underscoring the post-production status of the application of the wing.

    Strictly-speaking, the wing is not an official Lamborghini component, but as with all car businesses, if the customer wanted one, they found a way to deliver the car with one, which is precisely why the wing was so expensive.

    To be officially Homologated for the model, the wing should have been wind-tunnel tested to determine it's effectiveness and safety to the car's handling at speed, this was never done for financial and legal reasons.

    Inside the factory, there is a reason there are no wings.

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  9. FWIW, the only measured result of the application of the wing is that it slows the car down and lightens the front end at high speed, which is why certain experienced test pilots including Valentinio will tell you this is the opposite of ideal and therefore the cars tested by the works to max velocity were wingless cars.

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  11. So who made the wings?
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  13. Not Lamborghini SpA.

    There has been much discussion, mostly speculation, about who did, I think it's safe to say that the multiple iterations of the Countach wing were made by multiple local suppliers in the Emilia Romagna region.
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  14. So not Bertone, for example?
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    That said, the wings on Walter Wolf's 1120006, 1120148, 1120202 & 1121002 were all made by his good friend the aerodynamicist and chassis genius Giampaolo Dallara, 2 extra Dallara wings were supplied to Lamborghini and exist on 1121030 and 1121038.

    AFAIK those wide-buttress are the only wings that were function-tested.

    Lamborghini outsourced the rest of the wings and I've never been able to establish definitively who made them.

    Interesting story: it was Giampaolo Dallara who gave me WW's personal contact for a few conversations about the past. I leaerned from WW that the link they shared is, it was GD who helped WW get into Formula 1 in 1976 by facilitating ownership a piece of Frank William's F1 team, the next year WW started his own F1 team Walter Wolf Racing and set a record by winning 3 Grand Prix in his first season, the Canada, Argentina and Monaco GPs, a record that still stands today I think. I asked WW why he quit F1 so soon thereafter and he said to me "I had nothing more to prove". That's a quote.
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  18. Wheels exhibiting some brake dust.

    Not everyone is cut out to enjoy a Countach as past ownerships have shown, it takes a driver who appreciates a no-compromise raw experience that is sometimes more than some are comfortable with.

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  19. I don' think so. Brawn GP was even more successful in 2009 in its debut year.
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  20. I don't keep up with F1 records that's why I said "I think...", thanks for the update, so officially Walter Wolf's F1 record stood for thirty-two (32) years, not bad at all.
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    For sale again, this time for much more:

    A few errors and omissions in the details.

    The car has 14,320 miles, the 23,046 is actually kilometers.

    Also they don't mention that the interior has obviously been re-upholstered.

    The car is a 1987, not 1985.

    The car was previously signed by Valentino Balboni, not owned by him.

    For precious few details from the seller, it's yours for a cool million dollars, actually the asking price is now 890,000 Eu or roughly $1,073,251.

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  22. Big price. I hope they get it.

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