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Countach Downdraft

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Oct 25, 2015.

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    Hi Zdenek, here is what Raymond Stofer said about this car:
    #GLA12910, this swiss delivered car was 20 years in good hands, I know this car since 2002 (Picture with the white seats taken by myself).
    Then the next German owner changed the seats from white to complete wrong black and claimed it was done by the factory!

    Yes, instead of re-trimming or re-dyeing the Bianco interior, he chose to re-upholster the seats in black leather with black suede seat inserts, this is a custom application that is not to factory original spec. His car his choice. That said the rest of the car looks quite nice, it's also wingless, and the interior can always go back to factory spec.

    I have asked for the kilometers, 10.000 km

    Kindest regards,
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  3. In life you don't always get a second chance, here's your opportunity.
  4. Here is an old picture of a QV with some damage on the roof....and the rest..Looks like a US rear bumper. Does anybody know this car and the story behind it?
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  5. That is heart breaking :eek:
  6. I have the Kyosho scale model in that exact same colour combination, I always wondered if a real car existed in that particular blue with white interior. Seems like it did (for some time).
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  8. "BINGO"

    That`s the car, because i remember that it was not black leather, but suede or something like this and it was offered with arround 6.000 Km i think.
    If my memories do not deceive me, then a price of 210.000 Euro was asked at the time and it was in the area of Nürnerg (Bavaria).

    At the moment I am not interested in this vehicle but it is very nice to see it again.

    Thank you very much for this


    Zdenek :)
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  9. This image shows you what you'll see if you remove the side skirts on an 88.5.

    This looks to be a Downdraft with the full USA DOT application affixed.
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  10. Speaking of USA DOT vandalism bestowed upon Downdrafts, here is someone in Maryland USA getting rid of them at a renowned coach-builder's.

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  11. Another 80s Jens Lucking image with a different view of the famed Blu Tahiti with pin-striping car in Paris outside the Hotel Prince De Galles, where you'll find Lamborghinis occasionally parked to this day.

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  13. Great work! The owner of this white 88.5 did the same makes all the difference! I would advise anyone there in the USA to do the same ;-) Oh it's a FI, sorry..
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  14. Marcello et al, let's keep it Downdraft content only in this thread please, that should be really easy to do as there are venues for the other cars.

    However since you've taken us on an off-topic adventure, in the same spirit, here's that same car in an image someone sent me captioned: 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (his words. not mine), although technically I think he is incorrect because this actually happened in Arizona.

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    Back on track, my favorite 88.5 is surely the ex-Edgar Kaiser Blu Tahiti JLA12292 in an image not posted here before, now safe in the hands of a Countach Connoisseur.

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    Another view of JLA12292 special-ordered with a number of special features for the steel industry, hospitals and NFL team mogul, it remains as it left Sant Agata, which is where Kaiser collected the car in person on EE plates. He toured Europe with it, and then flew it home to British Columbia, Canada.

    This Downdraft is blessed with good fortune and lucky to be with us as Kaiser saved it from a fire that badly damaged his home, his art collection was not so lucky:

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  17. The September 2014 issue of CAR magazine, find one if you can, the car is featured in the company of Supercar Gods, the magazine certainly got it right.

    HLA12065 was featured.

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  19. They got the priorities right, saving the cars! Jokes aside, pretty awful to have a fire destroy your home. At least no one was seriously hurt. My son-in-law is a fireman here in the UK. They face dangers all the time on our behalf.
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  20. Perhaps he figured you can't drive a painting somewhere and make memories with it no matter how expensive it is.
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    Nice going Olivier, Bravo!

    If he hasn't already, advise him to shoe it with the new P7s.

    Of interest, on this day on March the 7th 1985, the Countach Downdraft was revealed to the world at the Geneva Salon.

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  26. Definitely, that time I was just 17,5 years old - almost exactly 15 years later I bought the blue Jalpa of this show. In 1986 I was also inside the stand, allowed to take pictures - simply I asked in French and was let in as one of the very few.

    GLA12947 one the stand 1986
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