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Countach Ancillaries Thread

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by Rossocorsa1, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I do not believe this was factory issued, though I could be mistaken. I am all but certain this is a post production leather pouch.
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  3. I meant to say, is there one of those small key chain pouches for an 87 qv?
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    Adam - It is my understanding that the Countach did not come with any factory issued key chain/ring. The key rings that are pictured are from the general era (I believe they were a dealer accessory during 25th and Diablo production). I also have two of the same key rings strictly because I like them, but I don’t represent them as a factory original item with my 85 QV. I hope this helps. They do pop up for sale from time to time. As for the pouches, mine came in little brown translucent paper bags, so it seems that some may have come with little fabric pouches as well.
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  5. They most definitely did throughout Countach production from LP400 to 25th Anniversary.

    In the early 4 liter days these key fobs were made by A.E. Lorioli in Milan, but post Mimran I think they were replicated as they have a smooth backside with no manufacturer inscription. If anyone is wondering about the timespan these were used, note that Ferrari used their own version of the same thing from the era of the 275 GTB all the way to the era of the F40.

    In the pre-Mimran Countach cars were supplied with them intermittently and often not actually attached to the keys so they got used for something else and were mostly not passed on with the car at point of sale.

    My 1st Downdraft still had this iconic Lamborghini gold-and-blue enamel key ring as did a number of other newish Countachs which belonged to fellow owners in the late 80s.

    By the advent of the late QV and 25th supply was more consistent and they came with the aforementioned key chain and a key lock ID numbers complete with pouches, as below in the image you posted a page ago.

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  8. Here's a genuine factory item from Nuova Automobili Lamborghini SpA, a Countach brochure accompanied with paint and leather samples.

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    Thank you for clarifying. I had no idea. I don’t believe this topic has ever been covered on this forum, so it’s nice to learn something new. I wish more would contribute information like this. Interesting how few of these original keys rings you see on any cars today. One would think more of these would have survived with cars.
  12. So, were key rings included from the factory, or typically an add-on dealer accessory?
  13. Being around these cars in the era when they were still being produced 35 years ago helps with knowing what was.

    The factory had a big box of them, if they remembered they put one in the car pre-delivery, I'm sure they gave some to dealers as well, but the point is many Countachs came from the factory with them.
  14. Great info. Thanks again.
  15. Mike - what Alpine stereo do you have in your car?
  16. Alpine 7273. Mine is a 1986. Another local owner has an 88.5. It also has the 7273. And, another owner here in Washington has a 1987, also with a 7273. I believe all USA delivered 5000QV’s (1985 - 1988.5) used the 7273. I’m sure with all things “Lamborghini”, there were some exceptions.

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  18. @Ellagirl Useful information here. If only someone had a NOS boxed 7273 Alpine huh ! :D
  19. -pm me the details/price
  20. Sure, I’ll do this weekend
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