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Countach Ancillaries Thread

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by Rossocorsa1, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. You've been instrumental in enabling me to make this happen. Many thanks! ;)
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  3. Nice, when people ask me I say 'NUOVA LAMBORGHINI' was a special era during which the brand was saved and achieved global recognition.
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  4. Madam will be off to see Mike Pullen for some love soon. I’m finally going to get the Alpine radio fitted. I have two units. One that supposedly works and one that does not power on, purchased this for spares.

    Tested via a 12v car battery today and this rings true. However, I don’t have speakers I can test with and the unit that powered on, the LCD display did not display much either. So to be assured I’ll be sending both away to a vintage radio specialist to test, repair or otherwise. Would hate to to have it installed and not working correctly.

    Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  5. It’s my understanding that parts for these Alpine’s are not difficult to find. A knowledgeable and skilled technician should be able to get both working fine. If that’s the case, I would recommend you only use the other for parts as a last resort, keeping it to either sell, or for future use, if need be.
  6. Sage advice. See what the chap can do with both units. If both can be returned to their formal glory then happy days.
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  8. WTB a pair of "NUOVA LAMBORGHINI" leather gloves to complete my toolkit for a 1986 DD. I'd be grateful for any leads. Thank you!
  9. For anyone looking for an original FIST locking gas cap, here are a few. Unfortunately, all these options have the all metal keys, and not those with the black plastic heads. These are the precise caps that were original on most QV’s and Anniversario cars. I say “most” because I believe, though I can’t say for certain, that some cars were delivered with different style gas caps, both locking and plain screw-on. I’ve been told this by owners who are quit certain this is true, so I have no reason to not believe it. Knowing Lamborghini’s pattern for inconsistencies when it comes to certain ancillaries, it wouldn’t surprise me. Still, this version was most common. They are rather rare to come by:

    Unfortunately, this one is missing the embedded grey “FIST” logo inlay on the cover:
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    OK, so both units have been tested.

    The one that was sold as working is a hatchet job, solder all over the place and not a chance of repair. Too far gone. The one sold as not working is in much better condition so will be fixed using the other unit as donor parts where required. All bulbs and belts will be replaced. All mechanicals and potentiometers cleaned and lubed. The head cleaned and demagnetized and fully tested. I'll be sent a video prior to the unit being posted to sign off upon.

    So another step closer to fitting.
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  15. The Alpine 7273 is repaired / refurbished and on it's way back to me. :cool:

    I was sent a video to show it in operation, radio, tape, functions etc. So a step nearer to installation.

    The EQ is not part of the package.


    Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  16. Ok, so hit a bit of a snag with the installation. I need a cage (mounting bracket) to fit the head unit into the car. Of course mine came without and this item appears to be a bit of a unicorn part. I'm chasing up multiple avenues but thought I'd throw it out there. If anyone has any leads?

    Pictures showing the correct item


    Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login
  17. Go on Facebook and search “Alpine Stereos” in the groups section. There are a few Alpine stereo fan pages there with plenty of knowledge about parts.
  18. Thanks my friend, I'll ask the wife to make a post or two as I'm not on the book of Face.

  19. Hi Dean, thanks for reaching out. The cage is really specific and the items you post are not compatible. Although that BMW unit looks similar, I’ll reach out to the vendor, see if I can get some more shots.

    My thanks

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