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Countach Ancillaries Thread

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by Rossocorsa1, Jul 19, 2020.

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  2. I think some of the sellers prices are generally ambitious and so never get sold.
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  3. I would encourage you to make offers and be aggressive. You never know - you may find a reasonable meeting point. I have many times on eBay. If they don’t have a “make an offer” option, send them a private message.
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  4. Stuff like that does take some of the fun out things. I enjoy the hunt, but getting bent over is not part of the fun. Yes, make offers, I seriously doubt they get much action at those prices.
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  5. I think I’ve said this before..... but for years and years, one of the things I have seen are owners who would like to get “X” amount for their cars (any “exotic car). They can’t quite get that, so they pull out items like: Spare tires, owners manuals, tool kits, etc... then after the car is sold, these items start popping up on eBay where they can pick up an extra $5K, $6k or more. I was amazed back in 2009 when I bought my Countach, how many were missing all or some of these items.

    I finally found the car I wanted and the only thing it was missing was the owners manual portfolio. I purchased one on eBay just after I bought the car, but it was for the 25th anniversary or Diablo. Not sure which...... its the tan portfolio with the gold bull pin in the lower right corner. One day I’d love to get the real Nuova Lamborghini folder, but I just can’t bring myself to pay the kind of money they are asking..... maybe one day I can work a trade with someone who is looking for the one I have and they have one from the 5000QV in their possession. LOL.

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  7. I’m pretty certain yours is for a Diablo, though I’m not an expert on Diablos. Regardless, it isn’t for a Countach. I’ll keep my eyes open for you.
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  8. Thanks much!
  9. Countach’s came with a variety of stereos. My 1985 carbureted Quattrovalvole came stock with an Alpine 7148L and Alpine 6240 speakers. 7148L head units were common in late 5000S’s and as late as some 86 QV’s, though they were by no means the only Alpine model found in these cars. Lamborghini seemed to install a number of different models. I am fortunate to have found a speakers manual, thanks to a good friend, but I am still hunting to replace the head unit owners manual.

    Please add information about what car you have, what stock stereo came with your car and include photos of your manuals/pamphlets that came with them.

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  10. That is fantastic! I’ve been on the lookout for originals as well. I was lucky enough to have Tony scan his copies and send them to me via mail. While not original it is nice to have them with the car. I even contacted Alpine to see if they had any left in their archives and unfortunately they did not.

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  12. Hi, posted in the Downdraft thread but I'll post here as it's the right place.

    For my QV I managed to procure an Alpine 7273 unit. In fact, I have two, one working, the other non working but can be used for spares if so required.

    The radio seems to have been the easy part, the much harder part was finding a manual as others have atested to. I managed to get a PDF download off the web, so at least had the wiring and operations but not an original.

    Roll forward many many moons and the email alert on eBay pays off. A manual pops up, used condition and job done.

    Roll forward some more moons and a service manual pops up, quickly grabbed this too. Not part of the paperwork stack that you would expect with your new Countach, but a useful addition to have.

    The car is slowly getting all the right items, manuals, paperwork, tools etc. Only taken 8 years so far. So the moral of the story, keep looking, one day the ship will sail in.


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  14. Although I fitted NOS period Alpine cassette player and speakers they are really fighting a losing battle with the sports exhaust so apart from looking correct are more or less there for decoration.
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  15. Which do you have? Would love photos of the manuals.
  16. I agree. I’ll never switch it on as all you can hear is the induction and sports zorst :D

    But its period and right for the car. :cool:
  17. And you need cassettes :)
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  18. Very nice Rob! Like you, I was able to procure a copy of the 7273 service manual as well. Still looking for a copy of the original 7273 owners manual and 6240 speaker manual.
  19. Hi Mike, hopefully one will turn up. I'll keep my eyes out and if a suitable item is found, I'll let you know. Do you have the pdf copy for the 7273? If not, DM me your mail adress and I'll email a copy over.

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  20. Question for you fine people. What is the diameter of the speakers used in the side pods? Near drivers door opening, not down by the front of the side pod ?

  21. I’ll be able to tell you later this week. I’ll be in California visiting my restoration. Interestingly, my original speakers and the head unit are going out for restoration and cleaning, so I’ll be able to measure them.
  22. Please mention the year and variant of your car when posting photos and information. Thank you.
  23. Thanks, will look forward to the pics.
  24. Another must have ancillary for your beloved 80's supercar! Ok, maybe not a must have but I love it. It's a design classic and an objet d'art

    As mentioned in the QV thread, I'll park up, put this, a small clear bag of white powder and a roll of bank notes and job done . . Back to the (non) Future we go.

    *fake powder (maybe) and bank roll


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  25. The eagle has landed . . . :D

    Thanks to the postings of this community, I have finally got my hands on an original pouch for my baby. Thanks all, appreciate the notifications.

    Another item off the list. Not too many parts / items left to collect.


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  26. Important piece to have. Congrats.
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