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Countach 25th Anniversario

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Jan 1, 2013.

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  2. The deformed instrument binnacle is indeed an issue.

    25th Anniversasrio inventory is actually substantial, publicly advertised cars (not counting those that appear in multiple Ads) is @ 12 cars:

    Prices seem to be all over the map.

    There is usually an equal number of cars you can buy privately.

    If you want a factual point of reference for values actually achieved, this covers every 25th Annivesario public auction in recent memory:
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  4. with all that past factual data, i still can't put my finger on why this car is commanding a bigger price tag right out of the gate. Is it the color? low mileage? Roy has purchased and sold many variants . I am just trying to get a idea of why.
    For me the very low mileage would be a turn off. Also a black Countach would not turn me on either.
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  6. Agreed. It does seem high, but I'll confess I have not watched the market, much, in the last year. Everything else is up significantly so it appears par for the course. The dash is a real pain. Amazing how many have been torqued like that. The fiberglass must be really thin.
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  7. One comment,” this will go above $600k”
    How is this possible? I mean, I hope so as a fellow anni owner, but…….
  8. Something is off
  9. One thing I learned from bat on this auction, the dome binacle was done as a modification;)
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  11. Lolol
  12. Hi all, apparently a US Anniversary and a LM002 were destroyed in a fire in Pittsburgh in 1994.
    Those two were amongst other burned cars, including Ferrari's, all part of the David Scaife collection.
    Is it known which Anniversary that was?
  13. Yes
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  14. Silver looks awesome. I sometimes wonder what it would have looked like if Lamborghini had painted the Naca ducts & the area above the side windows the satin black like the other Countachs.
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  15. I could be wrong but from where I’m sitting on a beach in the Riviera Nayarit, that looks like Bianco Perlato to me.
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  16. dude,
    I work in Riviera Nayarit
    Where are you?
    Which resort.
  17. It is argento.. time of the days and the angle of the camera makes the pearlish effect.. regards..
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  18. We were at the St Regis, sorry, I just got back and saw this.
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  19. I think it was the reflection of the yellow sand on the Beach!
  20. ))) beach is nice, but having my 25th painted is nicer.. it came out a beautifully.. thanxxx
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  21. Ah, so your car was the black 25th in Turkey that is now silver?
  22. Exactly!!
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