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Countach 25th Anniversario

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I have been thinking about this picture. Although claimed to be KLA12887 by some people in Italy, I don't think it is. There is another picture from the same source saying this is KLA12987. So why are all those proud factory workers standing around this car one might ask? One explanation could be that the silver car on the line behind it in the first picture is #KLA12085, that was finished on 30 July 1990, celebrated as the last Countach built. In that case the car in front is probably #KLA12080. Interesting fact is that #KLA12085 could have been started on the Line Montaggio as the last car, but this #KLA12080 was actually finished two days later, on 2 August 1990, and therefore the very last one that was completed. A date of when these pictures are taken would help to confirm this theory. I think I see a Diablo door behind the guy on the right...
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  3. Great images
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  5. If this car was Rosso Perlato, and it looks a little that way in this picture, it could very well be the #KLA12432, the car that was later owned by Olivier, then green. Is there anybody here that was at that introduction in September 1988?
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  7. This is KLA12429, the second Anniversary built. In fact, I think that this was the car that was in all early press photo's, and also the car driven by Paul Frere and Sandro Munari.

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  8. Yes Joe, I believe you are right. The very first Anniversary built was KLA12428, and that car went to the USA, probably this car, also in the press release in black & white. Bumpers still black. KLA12428 is still in the USA, claimed to have been first owned by Lee, with a special plate on the glove box. But now with bumpers painted red? All we can do is guess, if somebody in the USA can verify this it would be great ;-)
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  9. So the picture above showing the first Anniversary car has the standard “Climate Control” panel we expect.. meanwhile the green on green car from the previous page shows that car having the old style levers...‍♂️
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  11. You have a sharp eye Ken! Joe learned us in this thread that the RHD Anniversary's still used the old style levers ;-)
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  12. So did the 88.5 RHD models, while the LHD models got the new climate control.
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  13. It’s my understanding that the UK had some specific regulations which wouldn’t allow the digital climate control units, thus RHD UK cars all had the earlier version controls.
  14. This is an Australian delivered Countach that has the old style controls - my understanding is they didn't want to make a new RHD console so just used the existing one with the old style controls.
  15. I just heard that it had something to do with the UK. Given that the UK and Australia are RHD markets, they may have just installed the older controls in all RHD cars.
  16. Yeah - I had heard that it was RHD cars as opposed to specifically UK cars.
  17. I will be needing tires for my anniversary as they are 10 years old.
    Are the pirellis in that short supply and are only
    Made in small batches like pre anniversary Countach’s?
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    Picture probably taken earlier then 1998, this is KLA12820 in original Bleu Acapulco. Later painted burgundy by Belgium owner. Then to Holland, and brought back to original spec here in Holland again, circle complete ;-)

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