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Countach chassis 12513

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by Jonny English, Oct 13, 2021 at 4:00 AM.

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  2. mmmm interesting additions. Looks to be repainted from red to white. aero spoiler under the exhaust (what???) 3 gauges in the radio slot. no idea what they are for. exit grilles back of the rad covers. incorrect gearknob. seats don’t look right to be either, no shine to the leather inside on the tunnel. incorrect tool roll and engine cover looks to be from a FI car?

    It's a (in)famous car :p

    However, i’m a sucker for a Countach in white!
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  3. There is an awful lot that needs doing to it.
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  4. Not really. Unless it is important to return to red.
  5. resto candidate

    QV f.i. engine bonnet also very weird...
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  7. Thanks guys and they were my thoughts too. Not for me.

  8. If the price reflected the imperfections then fair enough. Maybe worth a chat to the dealer, see what they think? For me, it would need to start with a £2 so I had the budget to do the work and return the car to where it needs to be. I'm sure that a hood could be found or remanufactured maybe?
  9. Hood is easy now days. Pop a mold of an existing cars hood . Or simpley make your own plug/tooling. If you buy the car. I can help in that department.
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