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'Certified' Lamborghini Owners

Discussion in 'Owner's Forum' started by Booker, Jan 15, 2019.

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    While we won't be sending anyone actual certificates (your title should already be enough proof for you), we will certify you as an owner (give you an owner tag by your name) and give you access to the owner's forum if you do the following:

    Send me private message ('conversation') with a new photo of your Lamborghini WITH a piece of paper or something that says LamborghiniChat.com and the current date! Alternatively, you can post your photo in this thread.

    Yes, if the date is a few days off we will still take it
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  3. My suggestion - we need to start adding "Owner" designation in the user id like on Fchat.
  4. That is what will happen after the process suggested above
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  6. I own a 1974 Espada vin 9234
    I will attach a picture and copy of a bill for the restoration that is in process.. Image Unavailable, Please Login

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  8. It was my understanding our forum tag would be updated, is that still the plan?
  9. Yes.
  10. Cool! I had posted my picture some time ago, but had not seen an update since... Hope someone can update soon :) Quoted my post again below

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  12. Bonjour, je suis Jean-françois, voilà la photo de mon Aventador SN: 655. Merci.

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