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  1. He is not found of celebration & big parties... he is quiet, slow speaker, smoking hard... and as I wrote previously avoid to invite him with Valentino, personnal reasons he said !
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  3. What a shame.... this sort of reminds me of the "riff" between Roger Waters and the rest of Pink Floyd (David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason). Roger treated Richard like crap for years and now all of a sudden Roger has "grown up" and "Isn't an angry man anymore" (as he said with Gilmour and Mason the other week from the stage where they performed The Wall), but can never make up with Richard since he died of Cancer about 3 years ago.

    Arguments can be so petty......

  4. Bob died on Thursday 19 August 2013. No service is planned. Bob was self effacing to a fault. He refused to attend any function where he was to be honored, and there were many invitations to some of the most prestigious events in the world, including Ferrari's 50th. Although remembered most for his Lamborghini days, he did work for Ferrari at one time.
  5. RIP

    what a remarkable and unique man... definitely one of a kind.

    So honored that I got a chance to meet with him.
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  7. See:
  8. he was and still is forever one of the 3 angles of the triangle (Bob, Dallara &Stanzani) Lamborghini Automobili headed by Ferruccio in the pioneers' days...
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    is it him?

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