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2004 gallardo 6 speed manual

Discussion in 'V10 Lamborghinis' started by Ed Krampitz, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. Hi everybody. I just joined the forum and am a new owner of a 2004 gallardo manual. I am asking for any tips or advice before taking it out on a drive. Thanks for the input and i am excited to be a part of the community and contribute in the future. Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  3. Nice color. Congrats! Drive it like you stole it!!!!
  4. My advice would be to take everything off of that shelving shown in the picture that could possibly scuff that beauty! :) Or...build a bigger garage...
  5. Thanks and sorry if my etiquette is incorrect for posting as this is my first forum. Does anyone know what this #2 indicates on my dashboard?
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  6. First, only take parts and operating advice from exotic car owners or mechanics. Second, have all the fluids changed.. trans, diff, oil, coolant while you delete the cats..or replace them with good after market high flow cats. Either way make sure the originals are gone, they can destroy the engine.
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