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Watch This Nostalgic Lamborghini Murcielago Track Test from 2003

Watch This Nostalgic Lamborghini Murcielago Track Test from 2003

Simpler times.

When the Murcielago first came out, many big moves were being made within the company, most notably their new ownership by Audi. There were a lot of question marks surrounding this new model, and as history showed us, all concerns were silenced after this legend emerged. A few months ago this video clip popped up on Youtube, but it’s actually from a DVD made in 2003 featuring various supercar reviews. In this clip we remember the greatness of this bull, and enjoying watching the reviewer experience his first impressions.

The main design talking point in regards to the Murcielago, was the fact that the overall look is more reserved for Lamborghini, and the clip suggests that Audi’s involvement caused this. Now looking back we can see where they are coming from, but let’s be honest, when the doors are up on this beauty, it is anything but reserved. And over time Lambo eventually creatde more wild variants with big wings. Yes, the Murcielago isn’t as crazy looking as the Countach, but let’s be honest, neither was the Diablo! The Aventador may be a little more flashy, but that is because of the success of the Murcielago!

The Murcielago is an all-time gorgeous car and it’s power numbers are still healthy and respectable. After another decade or two, don’t be surprised when the Murci has aged much better than Aventador! The Murci was a huge deal for Lambo (and Audi) and they hit it out of the park, especially considering how it evolved through the years.

First, the clip demonstrates that despite it’s size and power, it is fairly easy car to drive. We are told that shifting is quite pleasurable, however the Lambo under performs on the track. The steering and handling weren’t great on the original model, despite all-wheel drive. The reviewer establishes that the car feels much better on the road than the track, and that is not necessarily an insult. As we know, more track-focused variants came later, and most early Murcielago owners surely weren’t tracking their cars all that often. The Bull was and is great!

Old reviews like this bring in a wave of nostalgia and reaffirm the warm feelings towards classic supercars like the Murcielago. Even when compared to today’s supercars the aging bull looks very sharp, and considering the optional gated manual, it probably generates the same if not more smiles per mile. I guess we will see how it compares after another 17 years!

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