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All Black Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Is Pure Art

by: Jack Booker

This a tall glass of Lamborghini bliss.

The outrageous Lamborghini Aventador SVJ (Super Veloce Jota) has been out for over a year, and we have seen many reviews and drag races featuring the beast. It sounds amazing and connects to a rich lineage of Jota Bulls, but you have rarely seen it like this. Drag race videos and car reviews give us a quick taste of the SVJ, but this video is the most intimate look to date.

First of all, this SVJ is not a wild bright color, instead the carbon bits, intakes, and vents blend in with the dark paint. There also appears to be no SVJ decal, not that you could mistake this for a regular SV. If you know, you know. This spec really allows the overall design to be more cohesive and I personally think it is fantastic. Though there is no such thing as a subtle Lamborghini, an all-black one at least screams “look at me” a bit less. This SVJ is technically more of a gray, possibly Grigio Lynx, but you get the point.

The video literally shows every angle, inside and out. The front trunk, the engine bay, the interior, the exterior, etc. More than this, they show the car in the dark and the light, so you can see the interior lighting as if it was night-time as well as the head and tail lights.

The video also demonstrates a start up, plus many revs so you can hear the V12 roar. They also (attempt to) show flames shooting out of the exhaust when the lights are turned off. And while the SVJ does indeed shoot small flames, which is exceedingly rare for new cars, it doesn’t compare to previous models.

Finally, the video has no dialog, and honestly what more is there to say about the SVJ? The silence allows for the car and it’s exhaust note to pop even more. So besides the exhaust, the goal of this video is pure visual pleasure, and it scores a 10 out of 10. Try not to drool!

Source: RoCars

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