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Abandoned Lamborghini Huracan Found In Las Vegas Desert

It looks totaled, but by whom?

Las Vegas is no stranger to exotic cars, and as the saying goes, what happens there stays there. This is usually in reference to the parties and gambling and entertainment in the vibrant city, but it seems that the Las Vegas desert keeps secrets as well. Rumors had been circulating about an mysterious abandoned Lamborghini off the side of the road, and luckily Royalty Exotic Cars confirmed this by venturing out to find it. While the exact explanation for this rare situation is still protected by the aforementioned Vegas clause, here’s what we currently know about the car.

The video starts without any indication of location other than the desert, so how far into the wilderness this Huracan may actually be is undetermined. But what is immediately clear is that the car is not simply parked and it is not far from the road. It was very clearly wrecked and subsequently left. From the road, the Lambo doesn’t seem too trashed, but thanks to this curious youtuber, we get to see the car from all angles and really understand the extent of the wreck. The video shows severe damage to the right rear wheel and suspension, along with a cracked windshield, deployed airbags, and assumedly serious underbody damage. It is almost certainly totaled. But this still doesn’t explain why the car is still there.

That being said, we can rule out some possibilities. For example, the car has normal plates, so this wasn’t a test-drive gone wrong. This does not mean that the owner of the car was the one driving, though. It very well could have been an inexperienced driver or someone new to Lamborghini. The video suggests it may have been a rental car, which is quite common in Vegas. Surprisingly, the video says that the car is from company in Oklahoma, but this doesn’t quite add up. Just as a dealership would have towed it already, so would a rental company, assuming they are the owners of the car. Further evidence comes from facebook, where user Dave Nickerson II shared photos of the same car in 2019 in Las Vegas. This ultimately leads us to believe an individual, not a company, owns the car, and despite its supposed connection to Oklahoma, it has not been there in some time.

These pictures were taken at The Cosmopolitan hotel, but that does not necessarily mean that the Cosmo is its home. There are only 15 residences and over 3000 guest rooms on the property, so more than likely the car was not being used by the owner. Furthermore, since the car is clearly registered in Nevada, we can assume the owner has a residence in Las Vegas, just probably not the hotel. Still, none of this explains why the car is now abandoned in the desert.

The video’s assertion is that the car is both owned by an individual AND rented out for tourists, and this makes sense considering the car was found at world-famous resort. It was being rented by a much more responsible driver back then, and now the car sits in the desert while everyone involved sorts things out. More specifically, Royalty Exotic Cars explains how an individual could have rented his car to a client through a 3rd party, and insurance may not have covered the accident.

This explanation seems very likely, assuming all parties have been informed of the accident. There is also the possibility that the driver cut and run, or is simply still paying the rental indefinitely until they can move across the world and never be heard from again. Ok, that was a stretch, but seriously, what would you do here? If you were the owner? Or the driver? The whole situation is surreal, and one thing is certain- what truly happened here is likely staying in the Vegas desert for all time.

Source: Royalty Exotic Cars, David Nickerson II

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