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VHS Footage Shows Lamborghini Factory from 1992

A candid look at the people (and cars) from Sant'Agata Bolognese almost 30 years ago.

A strong case can be made that car enthusiasm is genetic. Internal combustion engines have only been around for about a century, but chances are if you love automobiles, so does a parent or grandparent. This is very evident in the case of John Temerian Jr. and his father. Not only do they share a name, but they share a deep passion for Lamborghini, and it all started before John Jr. could even walk. John Sr. has been a committed Lambo collector for decades, and in 1992 he took a friend and a VHS camcorder on a trip to Italy, where he recorded the Lamborghini factory and his interaction with the employees. Thanks to technology and a new generation of car enthusiasts, John Jr. has published this rare snapshot of history on Youtube for us all to enjoy.

Upon first review, the draw of this old video seems to lie within the cars themselves, and yes, there are many Lamborghinis. The Diablo run was in full swing in 1992, so there are many early diablos shown, but there are various other Lamborghini’s as well. An iconic shell of a Miura is seen, along with many Countach variants. And of course, the sound of rumbling V12s is quite present, especially in the accelerations of multiple LM002s. But while all of this scratches the itch of 90s Lambo nostalgia, this video has much more to give the audience.

Valentino Balboni is playfully attacked by his peers.

First of all, there are other cars shown, such as a Dodge caravan driven by the legendary test-driver Valentino Balboni, and a Lancia Delta parked on a public street somewhere near Sant'Agata Bolognese. These cars, while not Lamborghinis, provide some incredible context and perspective from this point in time. Lamborghini historians will remember their financial struggles and subsequent partnerships with Chrysler and other manufacturers. So seeing Balboni drive an American van is oddly fantastic to witness. And the Lancia is just more candy for car enthusiasts, a truly magnificent car simply parked at home, capturing the joy of some random Americans.

And that’s the point. The real draw here is not the Lamborghinis or the other cars, it is the people featured. John Sr. and his friend (cameraman), Roger, don’t just capture the factory in 1992, they capture themselves in time and they capture the vibrant employees working to create the cars we all love so much. The language barrier, the stupid jokes, the genuine laughter. It’s truly humanity on display, and in this day and age of doctored video and fake news, I’m not sure anything is as refreshing as this. Authentic people, relationships, and experiences all captured without pretext, without agenda. The same authenticity that we all cherish in our automobiles is what brings this silly old VHS tape to life.

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