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Mansory Venatus Is A Lamborghini Urus Void Of Inconspicuity

Mar 5, 2020

And it has 838 horsepower on tap.

Mansory is a German car modification company that is yet to learn subtlety in its creations. Its recent one was the Continental GT V8 Cabrio from days ago, in which we think the aftermarket company has done a great job of turning the convertible into a mean-looking machine.

But the company isn't just about to stop. Mansory's latest creation is this, the Venatus – a Lamborghini Urus that has been given substantial makeover inside and out, along with engine uprates enough to go back in time, twice. We have seen an example of this last year, but this one looks to be updated and more... blue.

Aesthetic-wise, the very blue Mansory Venatus gets widened fender flairs compared to a regular Urus, along with several carbon fiber parts such as side skirts, hood, tailgate-mounted wing, roof spoiler, and rear bumper with diffuser. Even small details like side mirror housings, trim strips, and air intake panels are all made of carbon fiber, infused with neon green paint accents. The black forged 24-inch wheels are the icing of the cake, as the seven-spoke design complements its huge size.

Inside, the cool affair continues as the Venatus cabin is populated with blue leather with neon green accents. It also has Alcantara accents to go with some areas that are covered with carbon fiber materials.

Under the hood, the Mansory Venatus gets a P810 upgrade to the V8 twin-turbo engine. Along with a new engine management system and high-performance catalytic converter, the Venatus also gets power bump – a huge one – from a regular Lambo Urus. The final output goes from 641 horsepower (478 kilowatts) to 838 hp (625 kW), and from 627 pound-feet (850 Newton-meters) to 738 lb-ft (1,000 Nm) of twist.

Mansory isn't keen on providing the prices of its creations, but don't expect the Venatus to come cheap, as are regular Uruses.

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